About This Project


A character made of stone, with human features, wanders aimlessly in the darkness of a desolate desert, dragging himself with the help of his stick. The atmosphere of death and solitude that pervades the whole landscape is suddenly interrupted by a butterfly that, against the hostility of the place, seems to show to the protagonist a wall that rises on the horizon. Riding on the last strenghs the stone man manages to reach this wall which, bit by bit, becomes familiar to him. Touching its surface with what remains of his fingers, he manages to discover a crack, from which he can glimpse his past and his future that no longer belong to him, but to which he needs to hold on tenaciously to feel alive again.

Tags: animation, vfx, shortfilm, live action, fiction, drama, hyperealism

Original idea & scriptwriter: Alejandro Lopez Granados

Lenght: 16 min.

Style: 3d hiperealistic animation/ live action

Genre: shortfilm, drama

Stage: preProduction, finding coproductions and investors