We oversee the business side of film, documentaries, short films, television productions, including money managing and staff recruiting, ensuring that productions run smoothly and stay on schedule and on budget.


  • Production Management Services

(we will assist you in pre-production planning and management. We will read your script and give you the best advice for a time efficient and cost effective shoot)

  • Budgeting

(we can budget and schedule any type of production, regardless of whether your budget is low, medium or high. We will provide reliable and cost-effective services. Budgets and schedules are prepared to meet individual requirements)

  • Staff Recruitment

(a wide network of trusted and carefully selected professionals we rely on, not only for his creative and technical skills, but also for his attitude, empathy and engagement)

  • Logistic Support

(service providers, accomodation, local guides)

  • Location scouting

(the best locations for your project throughout Tuscany and Italy)

  • Shooting Permits

(Our team deals directly with the relevant local authorities to obtain the necessary permits to shoot in any location throughout Florence, Tuscany and Italy ).

00:00 – 00:12 – WHERE TO INVADE NEXT (2015)
genre: documentary
directed by MICHAEL MOORE
produced by Dog Eat Dog Films
credits: PRODUCTION ASSISTANT Martina Capaccioni

00:13 – 00:27 – ZINì E AMì (2012)
genre: shortfilm / comedy
main cast: Silvio Orlando, Alessandro Tiberi, Roberto Zibetti, Sasha Zacharias
produced by Associazione Culturale Premio Solinas
credits: PRODUCTION MANAGER Martina Capaccioni

00:28 – 00:37 – UN VERO PORTIERE (2012)
genre: shortfilm / sport
directed by LISA RICCARDI
main cast: Antonino Bruschetta
produced by Associazione Culturale Premio Solinas
credits :PRODUCTION MANAGER Martina Capaccioni

00:38 – 00:45 – JODY DELLE GIOSTRE (2010)
prize: David di Donatello 2011
genre: shortfilm
directed by ADRIANO SFORZI
produced by RIO FILM
credits: UNIT MANAGER Martina Capaccioni

00:46 – 01:05 – FUORI (2015)
genre: shortfilm /drama
directed by ANNA NEGRI
main cast : Isabella Ragonese
produced by Iterfilm srl
credits : PRODUCTION MANAGER Martina Capaccioni