Bar Stories

Grab a chair, have a glass of wine.
A global space where you can tell a story. Your story.

It emerges as a vibrant lab with a strong creative drive, critical thinking, and artistic energy, focused on original audiovisual productions and client-based projects.
Global market oriented, we really value and promote international co-productions and partnerships.
With headquarters in Florence, we also strive to be deep-seated in the Tuscan territory, encouraging a creative dialogue among local actors.

Strongly interested in stories where the human being is the main core of the narration: the human being as a social creature, but also deeply individualist. His relationship with his own surroundings and with himself, with his weaknesses and his strengths. Ultimately we want to focus on the duality of a force, as creative as it is self-destructive.

Bar Stories is a platform that wants to create, connect and power local energies together with national and intenational artists, in order to develop visual stories with a strong human content.
It’s an artisitc movement of art directors, 3d artists, 2d animators, filmmakers, illustrators, photographers, producers, copywriters, graphic designers with a strong professional backgrounds that want to put together their energies in Bar Stories for new visual and indipendent creations.

Our core competence is grounded in our individual professional experience in TV shows, cartoons, feature films, documentaries and music. Constantly involved in national and international projects, we devote ourselves to them with passion and enthusiasm, key elements to achieve excellent results.

A global space where you can tell a story. Your story.